About Us

Meet the Team


Founded in 2006 in London, CMG Media is an Events-led, business-to-business and business to retail communications platform, where our primary service and product offerings are Events, Media and Publishing. Through an authoritative, definitive and poignant stable of events and media platforms, the company has to established itself as a prominent force in the UK and now has a presence in 6 countries around the world to ensure our local and international corporate clients have access to effective vehicles of communication and marketing.

Our Key Competencies

Our team oozes with the aptitude, and commands the resources you need to take you business' market presence to the next level!

Community Activations  - 90%

Advertising/Media Buying  - 91%

Digital Marketing  - 87%

Branding and Merchandise  - 82%

Some of our latest projects...

With over 10 Years of being the go-to Marketing and Advertising Agency. Take a look at some of our latest work and be part of the Winning Team!

Our Working Process

We sit down with a client and understand the aims and objectives of the campaign, we then deliver a comprehensive implementation plan and solutions

How We Deliver

With a vast network and trained staff, we can easily get a campaign going in a very cost effective way and we stretch the budget to reach as wide an audience as possible while keeping the standards high and the acquisition rate low

Relating With Clients

We work with clients to deliver their products and services to the target market, we have become experts in the African Diaspora space. Working hand in hand with you, we can help you reach this valuable market.

Future Plans

Our plans to establish a presence in Japan, Dubai and Singapore are at an advanced stage

Our Clients...

Some of the high-flying clients we have worked with so far...